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‘Two and a Half Men’ Ready to Crash and Burn, Tanks to Lowest Ratings Ever

February 9th, 2014 No comments

Well this is not a surprise.  Crashing and burning is what television shows do.  But not what we expect from the former CBS hit drama  Two and a Half Men which has consistently been a ratings juggernaut for the network.

Let’s be real.  The Olympics are airing on NBC which will kick the ass of every major network or cable network.  But for Two and a Half Men this is a major surprise.

'Two and a Half Men' on CBS

‘Two and a Half Men’ on CBS

The show has dropped to its lowest level since the Charlie Sheen days.  Literally at the bottom of the audience watching charts for this past Thursday.

And why is anyone surprise?  Well the show actually has gotten a whole hell of a lot better since the beginning of the Ashton Kutcher era but there’s no doubt about the fact that Two and a Half Men will never be what it has been in the past with the irrascabile Charlie Sheen.

Too bad.  But totally expected. Marketing

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Big, Dumb Ashton Kutcher and His Total Twitter Screw-Up

November 10th, 2011 No comments

This is going to be more editorial that a story about television.  Because now it has been confirmed that  Ashton Kutcher has to be the dumbest cluck on earth.  The Two and a Half Men substitute for Charlie Sheen finds himself in hot water because of his complete and utter stupidity.  Any moron that has no clue as to what’s happening at Penn State and Paterno’s Pedophiles is clearly not close to being connected to the real world.

Angus T. Jones, Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer from

This is a classic case of how some in the new age of the digital world show more interest in social media and the newest gadgets out on the market rather than understanding what’s going on in the real world.

How in the universe could anyone working in the media business, as does Ashton Kutcher or owning several web sites, as Ashton Kutcher does, not know about the rape crimes that took place at Penn State University?  Seriously what planet could Ashton Kutcher have landed on over the past several days to have him lost in space on Paterno’s Pedophiles?

Ashton Kutcher has now placed the writing of his Twitter page to his management because he Tweeted in support of Penn State coach Joe Paterno who is under significant fire for his lack of movement to provide a safe environment for underage boys.  These minors ended up being sexually assaulted by an assistant coach for Penn State and Joe Paterno didn’t do a thing to stop these crimes from that sick, despicable Jerry Sandusky.

And Ashton Kutcher had no clue what was going on.  Really how stupid is this guy?  Really?  How stupid is Ashton Kutcher?

It’s time for people to put down the Twitter accounts, the Facebook pages, Stumble Upon this and that, take the Ipads or Ipods or Izods and start to turn on the real news to find out what is really happening in the world.  This moron Tweeted “How do you fire Jo P” on his Twitter page that has a gazillion followers not knowing that Jo P or Joe Paterno is more than likely going to be indicted for his involvement in the child rape scandal at Penn State.

What an asshole, this Ashton Kutcher.

He did apologize for being lost in space but this proves he’s just as big, dumb and stupid as his character Walden is on Two and a Half Men .

I have no real feelings for Ashton Kutcher as an actor.  So that means he’s pretty mediocre.  Two and a Half Men has gotten a bit better but it’s no where near the same show as it was with Charlie Sheen.  So I really don’t care.  But for anyone to be that out of touch is an embarrassment to anyone part of reality.  No one should be unaware of the stank taking place at Penn State but strangely enough this actor is beyond the real world when it comes to the gravity of this story.

Time to put down the toys and read a book Ashton.  Really read a book.

Rick Thomas


Ashton Kutcher’s Trouble Already at ‘Two and a Half Men’

September 28th, 2011 No comments

Well rumors have been flying around about Ashton Kutcher’s alleged flings with other women that have spawned talk of a split with Demi Moore.  There’s even the more recent chatter on the web about an incident with a woman in San Diego just this past weekend.

Now with him on the CBS show Two and a Half Men, the use of social media has got the actor in trouble with the network.

CBS is a tad bit ticked off that the actor was Tweeting and promoting content from several online companies that he has ownership interest.  During Monday night’s second episode featuring Kutcher, he apparently Tweeted positive content about how those companies that gave what he termed “laptop-sticker love on Two and a Half Men.’

Problem is CBS has no financial interest in Foursquare, Hipboard, Hipmunk or Chegg while Ashton Kutcher does.  To promote them is what could be termed “plugola” on Kutcher’s part so he could not only be in trouble with CBS but could also face an issue with the Federal Communications Commission.

Take it from an old school radio guy the word “plugola” brings back the vision of lawyers, congressional sub-committees, depositions and a long amount of sleepless nights.

Now CBS wants to get compensation from those four entities that Kutcher is promoting.

This is the second time Kutcher got himself in to simmering water as the FTC investigated him earlier this year for a similar “plugola” incident but declined to pursue anything further than a basic investigation.

Stay tuned.  Kutcher may get away with this activity for a moment from CBS but certainly won’t hide from the FCC.  They don’t play that stuff.  Nor does Demi on the story of the young girl Ashton may have spent time with in San Diego.

Rick Thomas/

Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas

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The New ‘Two and a Half Men’ So Bad But Draws 28 Million Viewers

September 19th, 2011 No comments

My God am I really going to say this.  Do I really miss Charlie Harper?  Or Charlie Sheen?  Or whomever is responsible for whatever Two and a Half Men tried to sell us last night?  Or is it a bit too early to tell if Ashton Kutcher can pull it off.  But if last night’s episode of the remake of the show is any indication, and I really hate to say this, Two and a Half Men is simply dead on its new arrival.

Still the show drew in a voyeuristic 28 million viewers to the premiere episode featuring Ashton Kutcher.  Will that audience holdover?  More than likely not but although the show wasn’t really that funny there was enough to get me to at least go a second round next Monday night.

Jon C?ryer and Ashton Kutcher in 'Two and a Half Men'

Not funny.  Let me say this again, not funny at all.  In fact pretty terrible.  Two and a Half Men already was in part on the decline as the writing and comedic efforts even with Charlie Sheen seemed pretty forced.  But the premiere episode titled Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt, missed the mark from Ashton Kutcher’s insertion in to the show.

The opening of the show was done extremely well as was the ending.  Everything in between was pretty awful.  So the ratings will be fantastic but can Ashton Kutcher carry the day to week number two?

Wow, this was truly disappointing to watch, almost like taking your nails and scratching them on a chalkboard.

Not done very well and scary.  Do we want Charlie Sheen back?  Oh man, say it’s not so.  Can this show survive?  Only time will tell but John Stamos, who had a quick hit in this episode, is probably thinking “thanks but no thanks” for not being named Sheen’s replacement.

This could be a real mess for CBS.  This has got to get better.  Quickly.  I mean real quickly.  Charlie Sheen, all clean and sober on his roast on Comedy Central, is about to settle his case with Warner Bros. for a boatload of money.

And he won’t be the first jerk not to play well with the other kids on the block as in what happened with CBS personality Julie Chen and The Talk, the daytime gabfest for everyone without a penis.  She apparently didn’t play nice with the other girls on the set, got a couple fired but is waking up next to CBS big boss Leslie Moonves.  He may have to re-think his move to work with Warner and drop Charlie Sheen.

Oh I just can’t believe I’m saying this.  Did I miss Charlie Sheen, the drunk, womanizing typical Hollywood a-hole on Two and a Half Men?

Yes.  I did.

Rick Thomas

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Check Out These YouTube Videos of Some Monday Night Network Premiere Episodes

September 18th, 2011 No comments

Stana Katic is 'Kate Beckett' and Nathan Fillion is 'Richard Castle' in Monday Nights Premiere of 'Castle' on ABC

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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Season Premieres Rolling Out Big This Week on Network TV

September 18th, 2011 No comments

Big week has arrived.  This is real start of the new list of shows that will either live or die for the new upcoming television season.  What shows are we looking forward to?  Of course Two and a Half Men to see if the audience that watched the show in the past will remain with Ashton Kutcher on board.  Will new dramas like Unforgettable be unforgettable?  How about Prime Suspect or ABC’s Revenge?  And will the NBC comedy Whitney live up to its expectations since Up All Night and Free Agents failed miserably.

Here we go!

Monday, 9/19/11

Castle (ABC) 4th Season Premiere
Dancing with the Stars (ABC) 13th Season Premiere
2 Broke Girls (CBS) Series Premiere
Hawaii Five-o (CBS) 2nd Season Premiere
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) 7th Season Premiere
Two and a Half Men (CBS) 9th Season Premiere
The Playboy Club (NBC) Series Premiere

The Sing Off (NBC) 3rd Season Premiere

Tuesday, 9/20/11

Body of Proof (ABC) 2nd Season Premiere
NCIS (CBS) 9th Season Premiere
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) 3rd Season Premiere
Unforgettable (CBS) Series Premiere
Glee (FOX) 3rd Season Premiere
New Girl (FOX) Series Premiere
Raising Hope (FOX) 2nd Season Premiere
The Biggest Loser (NBC) 12th Season Premiere

Chris D'Elia as 'Alex Miller' and Whitney Cummings as 'Whitney Cummings' in NBC's 'Whitney'

Wednesday, 9/21/11

The Middle (ABC) 3rd Season Premiere
Modern Family (ABC) 3rd Season Premiere
Revenge (ABC) Series Premiere
Criminal Minds (CBS) 7th Season Premiere
CSI (CBS) 12th Season Premiere
The X Factor (FOX) Series Premiere
Harry’s Law (NBC) 2nd Season Premiere
Law & Order: SVU (NBC) 13th Season Premiere

Thursday, 9/22/11

Charlie’s Angels (ABC) Series Premiere
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) 8th Season Premiere
Big Bang Theory (CBS) 5th Season Premiere
The Mentalist (CBS) 4th Season Premiere
Person of Interest (CBS) Series Premiere
Community (NBC) 3rd Season Premiere
Parks and Recreation (NBC) 4th Season Premiere
The Office (NBC) 8th Season Premiere
Prime Suspect (NBC) Series Premieres
Whitney (NBC) Series Premiere

Friday, 9/23/11

A Gifted Man (CBS) Series Premiere
Blue Bloods (CBS) 2nd Season Premiere
CSI: New York (CBS) 8th Season Premiere
Nikita (CW) 2nd Season Premiere
Supernatural (CW) 7th Season Premiere
Fringe (FOX) 4th Season Premiere
Kitchen Nightmares (FOX) 5th Season Premiere
Dateline (NBC) 21st Season Premiere

Rick Thomas

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A “lot mellower” Charlie Sheen, A Lot Too Late

September 15th, 2011 No comments

This is why I stopped drinking expensive scotch.  OK I stopped drinking expensive scotch on Tuesdays with my cornflakes but you will soon see my point.  Once the binge is over, once people consider you the biggest loser on the planet behind, and I do mean well behind Casey Anthony, you sober up and pretty much shut up.

Charlie Sheen’s 15 minutes of fame as a coked out, whore-mongering, hard drinking alcoholic seem to be over.   No one’s ruling out a relapse but if you look at some excerpts of his interview with Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show, things have taken a turn somewhat toward the good for Charlie Sheen.

The “tiger blood” is gone.  At least temporarily and Sheen believes that he got caught up in the drama after his firing from Two and a Half Men on CBS.  “It was so silly and people took it so seriously,” Sheen told Matt Lauer in a recorded interview airing tomorrow morning.  “I figured, allright, I’ll continue to give people what they want, you know?”

Yeah we know Charlie but remember the people who wanted that were lower than your state of mind at that time.  Most people wanted you to get clean.  The others you were cow-towing to usually end up wrapping their their car around a telephone pole with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit.

Sheen goes on to say “it was one of those things where the planets were aligned, perfectly or imperfectly, Sheen continues to babble.  And just like someone that needs to get sober “it caught such traction globally…I had to keep fueling it.”

You can catch the full Sheen interview tomorrow morning but unfortunately significant damage has been done to the guy’s career.  Getting his life back together is a good thing but with some of the statements here and what will air tomorrow, Charlie Sheen’s got a long way to go.  A long way.

Lauer asks “Are you sober?”

“Yeah absolutely,” said Charlie Sheen.

Rick Thomas

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Charlie Sheen Comedy Central Promo and Very Funny (Video)

September 12th, 2011 No comments

So we’re all looking forward to the Charlie Sheen roast on Comedy Central Monday night and  this is going to be so brutal.  If you’ve ever watch any of the Comedy Central Roasts you know there’s no love lost on some of the jokes that come from the roasters.  Charlie Sheen, who has become the target of a lot of roasting in the past year, will get his due from Comedy Central on the same night his former show premieres on CBS.

And now the promotional video is out and it’s very funny.  But watch when little Mary or Johnny are asleep.  One word of bleep note.     Check out the link below.

Charlie Sheen Comedy Central Roast Promo Shot

James Hibberd, our friend over at Entertainment Weekly got a piece of the action and put up a few jokes that will make even an old school comedy club owner like me cringe.  So this one is going to be pretty blunt against the actor who was dropped from Two and a Half Men and replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

The roast of Charlie Sheen runs next Monday night at 10PM on Comedy Central but here’s a sample of what you will hear.

Kate Walsh Roasts Charlie Sheen Next Monday on Comedy Central

Kate Walsh: “It’s amazing — after abusing your lungs, liver and kidneys, the only thing you’ve had removed is your kids.”

Jeffrey Ross: “If you’re winning, this must not be a child custody hearing. The only time your kids get to see you is in reruns — don’t you want to live to see their first 12 steps?”

Steve-O: “Charlie still hasn’t hit rock bottom. He’s looking forward to it though, because he thinks there’s a rock there.”

Amy Schumer: “You’re just like Bruce Willis — you were big in the ‘80s and now your old slot is being filled by Ashton Kutcher.”

Jon Lovitz“How much blow can Charlie Sheen do? Enough to kill Two and a Half Men.

A link to James Hibberd’s full story on Entertainment Weekly is below.

Rick Thomas

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‘Two and a Half Men’ Premiere, Charlie Sheen Docked Again

June 30th, 2011 No comments

Can’t wait till Charlie Sheen gets his new show if he gets a new show, can’t wait for Charlie Sheen to get a couple of new goddesses as he is currently without company now and can’t wait for the newly revised Two and a Half Men to return to CBS with an all new lead this fall.

Plus Sheen needs the money.  As he has lost a few more bucks and it’s coming out of his wages he still is earning from the CBS sitcom.  Let’s start backward and work toward the front.

Sheen is having $55,000 a month garnished from his paycheck to cover his child support payment to his two kids and ex-wife.  Brooke Mueller went to court to force the judgment against Charlie Sheen and the judge overseeing the case approved the garnishment.  The divorce became final on May 2nd, a couple of months after Sheen got bounced from the CBS sitcom.

During that time there went one goddess.

Now that Sheen is gone from Two and a Half Men, the network announced the date of the return of the show with new lead Ashton Kutcher.  It will air its premiere episode on September 19th at 9PM.  As we reported earlier, expect Charlie Harper to be killed off in a car accident as his Mercedes flips off a cliff with him at the driver’s wheel.  Kutcher’s character then purchases Harper’s home on the beach at Malibu and keeps everything in place with Allen and Jake as his new tenants.

During that time went the other goddess.

Now that Charlie Sheen is losing cash from his ex-wife, no gig at Two and a Half Men, he’s rumored to be negotiating a new comedy show with TBS.  The cable network denies any conversation but we all know what that means.  Stay tuned.

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Watch Jon Cryer, ‘Two and a Half Men’ Semi-Trash Charlie Sheen (Video)

June 9th, 2011 No comments

Well consider this the final screw in the coffin of Charlie Sheen.  And if anyone from Two and a Half Men can go on David Letterman and dish the dirt on Charlie Sheen it’s Jon Cryer.

Jon Cryer from 'Two and a Half Men' and David LettermanCertainly he’s humorous about the whole process that led to the dismissal of Charlie Sheen, but as you watch this interview with David Letterman things got really serious outside of the crap Sheen was tossing around about Cryer and his bosses at CBS and Warner.

Great content here.  Check it out.

“In this very moment I slay Goliath with the sling. In this very moment I bring, put it on everything. That I will retire with the ring. And I will retire with the crown, yes!” -Nicky Minaj

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YouTube Preview Image