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Michael Jackson’s Estate Ticked at Conrad Murray, NBC News Interview

November 10th, 2011 No comments

They just won’t let this poor man rest in peace.  Please let Michael Jackson rest in peace soon.  When you thought we all saw the last of Dr. Conrad Murray, the agony of his manslaughter trial and conviction leading to his upcoming sentencing, we all said “bye-bye” to this tragedy.

But it just doesn’t want to seem to disappear.

Savannah Guthrie with Dr. Conrad Murray on MSNBC

Now NBC News which is the Mother to MSNBC is under fire from the Michael Jackson estate for their airing tonight and tomorrow night of the special Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship.

The Today Show has already aired segments of the special but the full effort comes tonight and tomorrow on MSNBC.  John Branca and John McClain, the executors of the Jackson estate, have sent correspondence to network saying “MSNBC seems ready to let [Dr. Murray] say what he wants to say with no fear of cross-examination.”

The estate is upset that there will not be anyone to take Michael Jackson’s side during the Conrad Murray interview.  Now there’s talk of what Murray was compensated by NBC News for his interview that was done before he was convicted.  In most cases convicted criminals cannot accept compensation for doing interviews following the jury’s decision but Dr. Murray was on trial during the time of the MSNBC sitdown.

The estate says the network should “exercise proper judgement and refrain from airing this program.”

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Crazy Day for TV…’Joe Paterno’s Pedophiles’ at PSU, ‘Fingers’ Herman Cain’s Blond Women, Dr. Conrad Murray Verdict

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Trying to get to the office but my TV is blowing up this morning.  We started this wonderful day with the arrest of Penn State Pedophiles who work for the football program that is about to be rocked like no other sports program in America.

Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno

All over cable news, the press conference detailing the charges the State of Pennsylvania is placing on two people involved in the sports department at Penn State.  You can start the clock counting down the end of Joe Paterno’s career as head coach of that football program since some, and unfortunately not most, see him as part of the cover-up by not calling the authorities to report these incidents of child abuse.

Then comes ‘Fingers’ Herman Cain, the touchy candidate for the GOP nomination for President.  Seems he likes to not only harass women but apparently likes to assault women as a fourth accuser was all over TV today saying Herman Cain tried to touch her inappropriately when she met him at a hotel.

Yeah, you can star that clock on Herman Cain’s campaign as well.

Then “Breaking News” as the verdict is in for Dr. Conrad Murray and his trial on the death of Michael Jackson.  And it’s not even noon here in the west.

TV’s blowing up big time.  What a day

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Great New Daytime TV Drama, The Michael Jackson/Conrad Murray Trial

September 28th, 2011 No comments

So here’s the scoop.  Daytime television, for all the new shows on the air, suck.  You have your solid mainstays that just keep on keeping on like Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, Regis & Kelly, Ellen, The View. But some of the new entries on the daytime schedule quite frankly make me want to watch soap operas or the news on KTLA or KCAL 9 in the afternoon here in Los Angeles.

But life is good.  At least life is good for me.  Maybe not for Dr. Conrad Murray who is currently on trial in this city for manslaughter in the death of superstar entertainer Michael Jackson.

I gotta tell ya yesterday’s start of the trial was so scintillating, fascinating and damned entertaining.  Now that may sound a bit gruesome but to hear the audio of Michael Jackson totally drugged out was absolutely voyeuristic. Amazing!

Day two is just as fantastic.  The personal assistant to Michael Jackson was on the stand today giving his account of the day the singer died and the guy who led the security detail for Michael Jackson is testifying now.  The amazing comment of the day was the testimony from the personal assistant that Dr. Murray wanted to get something to eat right after the singer died under his care.

KTLA is covering the trial gavel to gavel.  And NBC4 is airing it on their digital channel 4.2 which is called NBC California Nonstop.  It’s been on in my office all day long except for a couple of breaks for lunch and another reason.  Then I got a chance to see a little bit of Maury.  Finally a new episode on that show.

Dr. Conrad Murray

But this is great daytime TV.  I really can only give Anderson Cooper about a minute.  Bill Cunningham’s new show is a joke.  The Brit is kind of engaging but quite frankly that’s annoying now.  And then Gloria Allred’s new daytime judge show, although I love me some Gloria Allred, well I’ve seen Gloria, I’ve watched Gloria and she’s sure no Judge Judy.

This trial is good for KTLA.  Smart move to carry the trial from start to finish.  Because I’m totally in to this!

Rick Thomas

Join now. “Your moment for life!,” says Nicky Minaj!

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MTV Gets Right to Air Michael Jackson’s Final Performance ‘This Is It’

November 17th, 2009 No comments

Michael JacksonNo word as to what they spent for the rights to air ‘This Is It’ but with sister networks VH1 and BET able to air the movie under the agreement expect big bucks to exchange hands between Viacom Networks and the Jackson clan.  If you remember MTV was the network of the 80’s that played music videos night and day with Michael Jackson’s content leading the way.

Expect MTV to launch the movie at some point in 2011.  The film details footage from Michael Jackson’s final days in preparation for his world tour before his drug overdose which took his life this past summer. 

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