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“I hate ‘Glee,'” Says New ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Howard Stern

June 3rd, 2012 No comments

Oh Howard  Stern, oh Howard Stern, what are you doing?  All of West Hollywood is in anger mode and will be even more on the prowl after tomorrow night’s episode of America’s Got Talent where the new judge made the comment “I hate Glee,” after the performance of a group of contestants during Monday’s airing.

Not good Howard, not good.

A lot of people like Glee.

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Auditions St. Petersburg  Mahaffey Theater -- Pictured: (l-r) Big Barry, Howard Stern


Seems Howard Stern has done it again.  He’s used his shock jock radio persona and taken a shot at one of television’s most unique shows in this TV era of crappy reality shows offered by most networks.  But Howard Stern does well what Howard Stern does well and that’s pissing off a lot of people.

America’s Got Talent‘s Monday episode is from Tampa, Florida where Howard Stern made that comment about Glee after the performance of a local group called Inspire the Fire.  They certainly inspired the fire of Howard Stern to make that comment about Glee.   Inspire the Fire is a singing and dancing group so of course the outrageous Howard Stern compared them to the popular FOX  series Glee.

Heather Morris and Britney Spears, 'GLEE'

Heather Morris and Britney Spears, 'GLEE' '

“I hate Glee but I love you,” said Howard Stern after Inspire the Fire performed.  Good thing is that the love for Inspire the Fire got them past Howard Stern and the other judges pushing them on to the next round on America’s Got Talent.

You should and expect that Howard Stern will get more and more vocal as he continues his first year on America’s Got Talent.  And he certainly should not expect to get a guest shot on Glee.

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Season Premieres Rolling Out Big This Week on Network TV

September 18th, 2011 No comments

Big week has arrived.  This is real start of the new list of shows that will either live or die for the new upcoming television season.  What shows are we looking forward to?  Of course Two and a Half Men to see if the audience that watched the show in the past will remain with Ashton Kutcher on board.  Will new dramas like Unforgettable be unforgettable?  How about Prime Suspect or ABC’s Revenge?  And will the NBC comedy Whitney live up to its expectations since Up All Night and Free Agents failed miserably.

Here we go!

Monday, 9/19/11

Castle (ABC) 4th Season Premiere
Dancing with the Stars (ABC) 13th Season Premiere
2 Broke Girls (CBS) Series Premiere
Hawaii Five-o (CBS) 2nd Season Premiere
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) 7th Season Premiere
Two and a Half Men (CBS) 9th Season Premiere
The Playboy Club (NBC) Series Premiere

The Sing Off (NBC) 3rd Season Premiere

Tuesday, 9/20/11

Body of Proof (ABC) 2nd Season Premiere
NCIS (CBS) 9th Season Premiere
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) 3rd Season Premiere
Unforgettable (CBS) Series Premiere
Glee (FOX) 3rd Season Premiere
New Girl (FOX) Series Premiere
Raising Hope (FOX) 2nd Season Premiere
The Biggest Loser (NBC) 12th Season Premiere

Chris D'Elia as 'Alex Miller' and Whitney Cummings as 'Whitney Cummings' in NBC's 'Whitney'

Wednesday, 9/21/11

The Middle (ABC) 3rd Season Premiere
Modern Family (ABC) 3rd Season Premiere
Revenge (ABC) Series Premiere
Criminal Minds (CBS) 7th Season Premiere
CSI (CBS) 12th Season Premiere
The X Factor (FOX) Series Premiere
Harry’s Law (NBC) 2nd Season Premiere
Law & Order: SVU (NBC) 13th Season Premiere

Thursday, 9/22/11

Charlie’s Angels (ABC) Series Premiere
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) 8th Season Premiere
Big Bang Theory (CBS) 5th Season Premiere
The Mentalist (CBS) 4th Season Premiere
Person of Interest (CBS) Series Premiere
Community (NBC) 3rd Season Premiere
Parks and Recreation (NBC) 4th Season Premiere
The Office (NBC) 8th Season Premiere
Prime Suspect (NBC) Series Premieres
Whitney (NBC) Series Premiere

Friday, 9/23/11

A Gifted Man (CBS) Series Premiere
Blue Bloods (CBS) 2nd Season Premiere
CSI: New York (CBS) 8th Season Premiere
Nikita (CW) 2nd Season Premiere
Supernatural (CW) 7th Season Premiere
Fringe (FOX) 4th Season Premiere
Kitchen Nightmares (FOX) 5th Season Premiere
Dateline (NBC) 21st Season Premiere

Rick Thomas

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FOX Goes ‘Gaga’ for ‘Lady Gaga’

July 28th, 2011 No comments

Well if this doesn’t sell the brand of Lady Gaga nothing else can or ever will.  But the ‘lady’ who wears the most incredible outfits and seems to always look good in them will be all over the FOX Television Network tonight starting at 8PM.


SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE with guest Judge Lady Gaga

First Lady Gaga will perform on the FOX reality show So You Think You Can Dance and then its all Lady Gaga all the time during the 9PM episode of Glee.

GLEE: The girls of glee club pay an homage to Lady Gaga in different outfits

GLEE: The girls of glee club pay an homage to Lady Gaga in different outfits

That’s a lot of Gaga going on which will no doubt lead FOX to an easy audience win tonight because there’s pretty much junk on if you tune in any other network.  No show has Lady Gaga except FOX and it’s all about her on two!

GLEE: The girls of glee club pay an homage to Lady Gaga

She did a previous episode as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance and now this content that you will see tonight beginning at 8.

Join now. “Your moment for life!,” says Nicky Minaj!

Omarosa follows to get up to date on really hot TV shows,   Kim Kardashian follows us as well to keep up on really hot reality TV shows, plus hot content on Internet TV and YouTube TV.   Even Yoko Ono is on board with

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‘Glee’ Frequenter Kristin Chenoweth Becomes ‘Good Christian Bitches’

March 15th, 2011 No comments

Network television is really liking this new freedom given to it by the Federal Communications Commission.  First there’s Shit My Dad Says with William Shatner, then we have James Van Der Beek’s Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, all leading to the new ABC series with Kristin Chenoweth titled Good Christian Bitches.

Hmmmm….is there such a thing?

Kristin Chenoweth as April Rhodes in 'Glee'

Kristin Chenoweth as April Rhodes in 'Glee'

Anyway the frequent and cameo role playing in FOX TV’s Glee is coming to an end for Kristin as new pilot, which you can expect ABC to rename, is headed for production with her and Leslie Bibb.  The story centers on a now mom but former mean girl (Bibb) back in high school who moves back in to her old Dallas neighborhood.  She then becomes the focus of Chenoweth’s character and others plotting to get back at her for her past dastardly deeds by doing their best to ruin her reputation.

Yes Good Christian Bitches, absolutely.

Of course the Parents Television Council is already all over the title.  Titled “offensive” by the group, advertisers will certainly hear from them should ABC keep the title which is a book written by Kim Gatlin.

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Sir Paul McCartney, Beatles Seeking ‘Glee’

August 6th, 2010 No comments

Oh to be ‘Glee.’  Everybody wants some sort of immersion in this show on FOX that keeps getting more juice on a weekly basis leading up to this fall’s new season.  Now one of the famous names in the music business is looking to get the band that made the man on the series.

Ryan Murphy, creator of ‘Glee’ got a mix tape from Sir Paul McCartney, leader of one of the world’s most well known bands, to see if some of the Beatles hits could be used on the show.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Can you believe that?  Paul McCartney doing a mix tape?  A mix tape from Markus Shulz in Miami or Erick Morillo in Chicago, yeah we want to get a mix tape.  But from the Sir Paul McCartney?

“Of course we are going to do something” was Ryan’s response to the offering.  Guess what?  The Beatles are probably the only band and I do mean the only band that crosses over all age groups.  From 10 year olds to death, the Beatles, well are king.

When that inclusion will take place in ‘Glee’ no one knows but that will be a massive show!

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Shocking FOX News!!! ‘Glee’ Renewed for Season Three

May 24th, 2010 No comments

The cat on that Zyrtec commercial could have predicted this one. 

The cougar that was supposed to be photographed with Kim Cattrall from ‘Sex in the City 2′ for the cover of some women’s magazine that she turned down because she doesn’t consider herself a cougar could have forecast this one.

Gleeks unite and cheer.  ‘Glee’ is coming back to FOX for season three.  Not a huge story but it is ‘Glee’ and it is the most popular show on FOX since the start of ‘American Idol.’  And every A through C performer wants to be on this show. 

L to R:Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz...

L to R:Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz...

Plus ‘Glee ‘ is television’s highest rated new show.   

So that was an easy decision for FOX.  Yeah, a cat and a cougar.

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CBS Letting Neil Patrick Harris Do Guest Shot on FOX’s ‘Glee’

March 6th, 2010 No comments

Well this is strange.  Not sure who gets the juice out of this one.  You have to think that both benefit from Neil Patrick Harris jumping from the hit show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ on CBS to the again hit show ‘Glee’ on FOX. 

Neil Patrick Harris (top left) 'How I Met Your Mother' -

Neil Patrick Harris (top left) 'How I Met Your Mother' -



The show will air during the very important ratings period of May sweeps.  No actual date has been set.  Harris will be cast as a former McKinley High School choir singer coming back as a board member out to eliminate the glee club from the school. 

Check out more from Entertainment Weekly.

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