YouTube Starting 100 TV Channels, Looks to Compete with Satellite, Cable TV

Now comes some real competition for TV viewers of satellite and cable providers.  Most of us already are watching some content on our computers regularly but soon viewing TV programs on a big screen in your homes could become a thing of the past.  Or you’ll be connecting your computer to your TV non- stop.

'Modern Family's Sofia VergaraThe monster online video content provider YouTube is getting in to the production business developing partnerships with some of the biggest names in television.  They include Ashton Kutcher, the World Wrestling Federation,  Home Shopping Network, Anthony Zuiker (CSI creator), the Wall Street Journal and Warner Bros.

There will be 100 available channels featuring content that runs longer than the short term content you regularly see on YouTube.  There will even be an Hispanic channel featuring Sofia Vergara from ABC’s Modern Family to reach out to that quickly growing segment of the population.

Most of the channels aren’t set to launch until 2012 and will offer up to 25 hours or new content every day.

With three of the four networks consistently shedding audience every year, YouTube is in prime position to grab viewers looking to watch content beyond regular TV.  This without question is the biggest push to eliminate the big four networks ever in the new world of digital video.

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