"You picked him," the Words of 'Judge Judy" for Kelly Rutherford Ex and Holly Madison's Pasquale Rotella

Here we go again.  That word I always use in situations that will be detailed here for one cast member of Gossip Girl in the name of Kelly Rutherford and the other a reality person in the name of Holly Madison from some dumb show that’s no longer on the air .

Both have the inability to spell the word “judgement.”

Kelly Rutherford from 'Gossip Girl'

Kelly Rutherford from 'Gossip Girl'

Two women who have chosen to pick the wrong men to be their baby’s daddy and both are paying a significant price for their decisions.  And both are more likely to lose a huge part of their personal brands because of the line Judge Judy uses on regular basis during a ton of episodes of her daily show.

“You picked him,” she says so often when women or men choose the wrong partner.  Kelly Rutherford and Holly Madison surely fucked up on both of their decisions in the men that they have chosen to be in their lives.  Both television personalities, if that’s where you choose to place Holly Madison, are paying the price big time for the men they both chose to say “I do” to in a legal ceremony.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison

Kelly Rutherford says she had no clue who the baby daddy of both her kids was as he was legally prevented from ever returning to the United States.  He has specific legal issues that a judge says he cannot enter the States with the couple’s two children and he now has custody of them in France.  She, in one of the more stranger positions, claims she has no clue what his issues may be but wants both her kids returned to her.

The judge said hold on there Kelly and pretty much said she will have to travel to France if she wants to see her kids.

Holly Madison on the other hand is currently knocked up by her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella and he has more problems than an SAT test on a Saturday morning.  Pasquale Rotella is the rave and concert promoter that has piled up more dead bodies during his events than an episode of The Walking Dead.

Pasquale Rotella…not a good future for Holly Madison’s baby daddy as he is facing many years in prison for his extra curricular activities.

Bad news for both women.  And the future is not bright for either.

“You picked them,” says Judge Judy, once again.  Go to the links below.  Both stories are eye opening and quite depressing.

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