You Gotta Love Kelli Giddish Joining 'Special Victims Unit'

Well Elliot Stabler is done officially on Law & Order: SVU.  He put in his retirement papers but that’s just the TV thing.  Chris Meloni is long gone from Law & Order: SVU as the brash and rash Elliot Stabler as this long running show on NBC restructures its cast to reflect a new direction as Kelli Giddish joins the team.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - 'Scorched Earth' Kelli Giddish as 'Det. Amanda Rollins'

Not a bad move for Law & Order: SVU. Kelli Giddish has a past with NBC.   And with CBS.  After spending a season on the NBC show Chase and a couple of episodes on the CBS hit show The Good Wife, let’s hope Kelli Giddish has found a home with the  crew at Law & Order: SVU.

She’s totally rough and tumble.  Chase, if you ask any male between the age of 18 to 54 years of age, was a solid show.  A blond running around throwing handcuffs on criminals is always what men view as, well a very good thing.  Most men liked Chase.  One of my friends in the demographic I just mentioned absolutely loved Chase.  I let him know that Kelli Giddish is now on Law & Order: SVU.

He’s very happy.

She served the same role on The Good Wife as a private detective working on the toughest cases and Kelli Giddish seems to fit in perfectly in roles where she maintains an edgy exterior.  Works perfectly for her and her new role as Detective Amanda Rollins puts her in the same groove as her last two past roles on television.

Kelli Giddish is a comer and she will partner with Mariska Hargitay’s Detective Olivia Benson on several more episodes this season.

Rick Thomas

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