You Gotta Love a Live Shot, NBC4 Hottie Kathy Vara Deal with Heckler During News Broadcast (YouTube Videos)


You gotta love a live shot!  You really do.  Now I’ve picked on NBC4 here in Los Angeles for a long time now.  They’ve provided nothing more than shitty news coverage since I arrived in LA many years ago (OK just 7 years) but I gotta say NBC4 has done a great job over the last year.  They have me actually watching them with their quality approach.  They sucked for a long time but I gotta give the peeps over at the NBC  O &  O some props.  There’s a part of me that still won’t forgive Alycia Lane for insulting a NYPD police officer as I am between her and the Long Beach California cops that just beat up a regular guy with batons this week.


But I will give her a break.  She’s been a good citizen lately and I have to give Alycia Lane her props.  She’s done a great job in her reporting especially after the Boston bombings.

Great work Alycia.

hey’re doing a real good job but I still think they’re traffic guy should wear a tie.  Paul Johnson was my man but former Philly boy Sean Murphy is doing a great job.  Just put on a damn tie.

But Kathy Vara is a true pro.  Whether in anchor chair or on the street she does a great job.  A really quality reporter.  Too bad a clown had to be part of her live shot.  It is funny.  But she handles it well.

You go NBC4.  Nice turnaround.

Rick Thomas



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