You Gotta Catch, FX's 'Justified' and Timothy Olyphant, Great Television

It takes me a minute to get to all of my saved programs on the DVR.  Yes there’s a lot there that sometimes goes a week or two before I watch what’s on that great addictive device of the new millennium.  But guess what?  One show that is just totally underrated and is one of the TV’s best shows is Justified on FX.

Timothy Olyphant and Natalie Zea in 'Justified' on FX

Timothy Olyphant and Natalie Zea in 'Justified' on FX

I just had a chance to watch Timothy Olyphant, the lead in Justified, give one of his best performances maybe in his time on the second season of the show.   The episode titled Reckoning was one of the best in the series and was so engaging that I had to watch it a second time.  Olyphant is simply terrific.  There’s not one minute during this episode where he does not completely fit the role of Rayland Givans, a U.S. Marshal in Lexington, Kentucky.

It took me a minute to catch on to this show.  As an urban oriented guy a show about basically hillbillies would not seem attractive.  Pretty much not to anyone, unless you’re live in such an environment.  So season one was a blur to me.  Justified is not as magnetic as Rescue Me or The Shield so you really have to force your mindset to watch the show.  Think of the FX show Sons of Anarchy, which unless you’re white, male and 18 to 34 years of age, there’s no reason to immediately turn on this show.  I didn’t watch Sons of Anarchy until my sister turned me on to it and after a couple of episodes, I was hooked.

That’s unfortunately what you will have to do with Justified.  Especially if you’re not in that white, male 18 to 34 year old demographic that truly is FX.  Now way would I be considered a core user of this network but checking out Justified is totally worth the hour,

Walter Goggins, who had some serious time on The Shield, is another cast member in Justified.  He is just as engaging and terrific as Olyphant.  If anyone was cast perfectly in two great series it is definitely Goggins.  He plays Boyd Crowder who has more illegal plots going on than Bernie Madoff.

Olyphant was the lead in HBO’s Deadwood which I watched a few episodes but we tend to limit our blogging about shows on pay television network.  “Complicated” and “complex” how he described his role on that program.  And did one year on the FX series Damages.  But this role in Justified, well this is a role made for Timothy Olyphant.

Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas

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