You Can Now Buy 'NFL Sunday Ticket' from DirecTV, TV Azteca's Ines Sainz Can Get Back to Work

I miss my DirecTV.  I’ve given Time Warner Cable a bit of a break lately as reading articles about cable disconnects and the current service offered by TWC answers all  those questions.  But I really do miss DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket as I would really like to seem more New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles games from the comfort of my couch rather than a thousand screaming fans at a sports bar.

Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz

Well at least we may get to see Ines Sainz on the sideline of the New York Jets.  Or did she quit that gig as a sports reporter?  Who cares, we just had fun going on TV Azteca and looking for a photo on their web-site.  If you remember she was the hot looking sports reporter that felt popping out of her tight jeans along with her twin towers hanging out or her top was appropriate for the locker room of an NFL team.

Yes she has issues.

For those of you lucky sports fans out there never fear,  the National Football League has settled its differences with its players and there will be a full NFL regular season and DirecTV is really happy.

Not only the did the satellite  company jump for joy today but NBC, FOX, ESPN and the NFL Network all are extremely happy that this player lockout is over and they can all get back to work.

The players just ratified the deal with an up vote on the new agreement.  The new deal will allow teams to negotiate contracts with veteran free agents and this year’s crop of new draft picks so that they can get to work on getting back in shape for the new season.  All training camps are expected to be open by Sunday.

Millions of television and radio dollars were set to be lost had there not been this agreement which was approved by all team owners last week.

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