"You are one the most marginal people that I've come across in a long time," says Judge Judy (YouTube Video)


Yeah, that’s Judge Judy. Who simply destroys this piece of crap of a mother which makes you wonder why people really want to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Just listening to this woman try, and try in vain to explain why in the eff she would tell her five year old kid that her baby daddy might not be her baby daddy without any foundation, well Judge Judy goes the hell off on this woman.

Classic Judge Judy. Who looked like she was pissed the minute she read the details of this case.

And the stupid mother with her new stupid boyfriend who steps on her as well actually thinks it’s a good idea to tell a toddler who she birthed in to this world that some other dude she was banging on the side while she was married might be her father.

Now you think about whether this woman who calls herself a mother should not only abort any future children but abort her brain.

Watch Judge Judy tear her a new hole. Classic.



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