YES! Roni Deutch, The Tax Lady, Gets Sued By California

What a scam.

You’ve seen those slimy commercials featuring Roni Deutch, that woman selling you her service that can eliminate your tax debt, sucking in every loser that thinks they can get over on Uncle Sam?

If you shake her hand you’d better be sure your rings are still left on your fingers.  Well when guys in blue suits show up at your door after you hired Roni Deutch to handle your taxes, the joke is on you.

Apparently California State Attorney General Jerry Brown thinks she’s a crook.  And to be honest anyone that says they can solve your tax debt, well if you’re dumb enough to believe that then meet Roni Deutch.

roni-deutchSeems she’s been making claims that just aren’t true.  And Jerry Brown along with the State of California want $32,000,000 bucks from her because she apparently is ripping people off.

Deutch says she solves 99% of tax problems.  The state says she just reduces the tax debt of only 10% of her clients.

That’s what any dope would call a scam.

And she’s accused of taking a $4,700 retainer fee from clients and when she can’t get anything done on taxes she won’t return any of the money.

Just so that you don’t know who this person is, we are posting this commercial so that you don’t get ripped off by her.  And once again if you are dumb enough to buy in to this scam then you got what you paid for which is nothing.

Rick Thomas


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