'Xena, Princess Warrior" No Warrior, Busted in New Zealand Protest

Oh yeah we miss Xena,Princess Warrior.  Yes there was some freaky deaky lesbian stuff going on that surely took the show’s male viewers to a level where a male viewer likes to go on a late night while watching some freaky deaky stuff online.

Hey, I’m a guy.

Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless

Anyway Lucy Lawless, star of the weekend show Xena, Princess Warrior, was busted while taking place in a Greenpeace protest in New Zealand after boarding an oil rig set to go do some oil drilling in the Arctic.  Lawless, along with some other protestors, scaled an almost 200 foot drilling tower to protest the future of that rig creating a four day occupation of the operation.

New Zealand authorities did not see the value in their protest and took them in to custody.

Occupation over.

Now normally putting cuffs on Lucy Lawless, who also played part in the Spartacus series on Starz, might seem like a good thing.  But her integration in the protest was no fun as the cuffs were place on her by guys in blue uniforms, wearing a badge and carrying a gun.

Yeah, those are several things most of us ignore.

Um, protest over.  Lucy Lawless under arrest.

Rick Thomas



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