WTF's the Buzz on William Shatner Passing on Leonard Nimoy's Funeral?

This is “a bit much” in the words of comedian Paul Mooney, “a bit much.”  This silly brouhaha over William Shatner not canceling an event to scurry home to say goodbye to the great Leonard Nimoy.  William Shatner has been taking a lot of flak from Star Trek fans all over the world about keeping his date with a Florida based appearance instead of dropping everything to attend the services of Leonard Nimoy.

OK.  Let me weigh in on all of this.



First off William Shatner, the original Star Trek ‘Captain Kirk,’ is not making a hell of a lot of money these days except from Priceline.com as their spokesperson.  In fact if you look at what he makes from his Star Trek days compared to his front for Priceline.com there is a huge difference.  As part of the team that helped launch Priceline.com in to radio promotions and television product placement, I can tell you that William Shatner received most of his Priceline.com compensation in the form of stock rather than cash.

So there were a few minutes before the Star Trek king was able to sell his restricted shares for cash.

But let’s be real…the Star Trek king is not on the list of Hollywood’s top producers to join the cast of shows like Scandal or The Blacklist.  He’s way beyond that level and needs these fund raising appearances to keep food on the table.

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

So why the hell should he cancel his event?  It’s not like, as some comedian said, Leonard Nimoy is going anywhere.  He’s passed on this earth, God rest his soul, and the Star Trek king in William Shatner needs to make his money.

In addition he probably had in his contract a clause that only gave him the ability to cancel for an “act of God” event so just saying “goodbye” and “gotta go” to Leonard Nimoy’s funeral does not fit the bill.

Cut the Star Trek king a break.  He did the right thing.  Work.  “Get money,” as Biggie would say.

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