Will 'CSI' Franchise Be Changing? With Viewers Dropping, Could Be Soon

Lawrence Fishburne and William Petersen -

Lawrence Fishburne and William Petersen -

The three ‘CSI’ franchises are losing ground.  And that’s not surprising.  The Thursday mainstay has been on for ten years now and with William Petersen opting out of his Gil Grissom role that show has lost ground in viewers. 



The question for CBS is do they keep the show in its declining stage much like the ‘Law & Order’ franchise on NBC or do they do something to boost the ‘Miami’ and the ‘New York’ programs along with the original Thursday night show.

Rick Kissell from Variety writes a good article about the future of all three shows.  And the moves CBS might have to make to keep the shows moving forward and staying on the air.  Check out his story.




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