Why This New World Order Digital Google Chrome Commercial is So Amazing, So Unlike Anything Seen on TV (YouTube Video)

We all watch commercials on television every time we turn on the TV and watch content we like.  Even when we watch TV online we have to endure commercials.  Take Video on Demand.  Same thing, right?  Commercials and more commercials.

Some really stink.

Others are really good.  How about great?  How about really great like this Google Chrome: Coffee commercial that caught my attention during last week’s episode of New Girl on FOX.


Not because it was a creative commercial, the type you might see some advertiser spend a couple of million dollars of wasted, unnecessary money on the SuperBowl.  I’ve never understood the long term value of spending so much money on a one day event where  you lose money.  Totally lose money.

Dat be spending a million or two million bucks on the SuperBowl.

But because this Google Chrome: Coffee commercial is the future of creativity on television.  Television created by those in the world of new age digital and new age advertising.

If this commercial doesn’t help to motivate you to become an early adopter of digital toys which is where Google Chrome falls then I can’t imagine what might be able to move you toward a new world digital order.

Just watch it.

If you want to see the future of advertising which is now the combination of the digital world and emotional content, watch this commercial for Google Chrome.

It’s fantastic.

Rick Thomas



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