Why the Kardashians Won't Invite Barbra Walters to Any Holiday Parties

Great video here.  And surely why Barbra Walters over at ABC News is a good journalist and won’t be getting any invitations to a holiday party hosted by any of the Kardashians.  Not after this interview which you can scope below.  Walters pretty much say to the three sisters and their mother that they have no talent.


Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian

And the ladies handle it as if Barbra Walters is interviewing a high ranking official in the Obama White House.  She even brings up the famous Kim Kardashian tape with Ray J during the interview and Kim along with mom handle it perfectly for people who’s lives we like to integrate ourselves in to when watching them on E!.

Never ever think Barbra Walters is one of those morning show chatters who plays it nice and says all the right things to make sure they get first TV for the next interview.  Barbra don’t play as they say.  Watch it.  As described on one blog it’s “classic.”






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