Why Steve Harvey is the Best Host Ever on 'Family Feud' (Video)

We’ve uploaded several of the antics of Family Feud host Steve Harvey.  He may have this job forever.  What he adds to the show may have producers going a bit crazy because he breaks away from format on a regular basis and this video is one of those that will go down in the Steve Harvey annals of great television.

Now I gotta say this.  Hosting Family Feud is a perfect place for Steve Harvey.  I’m sure he would like to take his week long shot at sitting in the chair overseeing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and burn the video.

Yuck is all I can say.

But Steve Harvey is absolutely fabulous.  Without question he has added an element to the show that no other past host, and there have be a lot of really good hosts, has ever brought to Family Feud.  Ratings all across the board are up on the show and he has returned Family Feud to the level of excellence the show had lost over the last 5 years.

Watch the video.  Once again classic Steve Harvey.

Rick Thomas

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