Why Did '60 Minutes' Chat with Arnold Schwartzenegger Tank in Trend World?

Revenge is hot!  Dexter of course is a monster trending this morning.  Even Once Upon a Time on ABC is getting it’s props this morning along with 666 Park Avenue.  The only thing that’s trending close to Arnold Schwartzenegger this morning is Brigitte Nielsen whose real claim to fame was her marriage to Mark Gastineau whom the New York Jets could use right about now.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger

But not Arnold’s interview on 60 Minutes last night which pretty much was nothing more than an overview of his life and times, not about what most people probably would have tuned in to hear about.  His mess of a life as Governor of the State of California, an affair with the aforementioned Brigitte Nielsen, the fathering of a child with the family help and the aftermath of all above combined.

That’s what people want to hear about.  Not the past but his current life of trying to get us to understand why he did what he did and why he’s talking about it in his new book Total Recall.  That part of the interview was simply put aside as the biographical resume of his life was pretty boring.

We really didn’t need a Total Recall of Arnold Schwartzenegger’s life.  We want the dirt.

You can go to the link below to seen the interview on last night’s 60 Minutes.  But to be frank it was one of the more boring sit downs on 60 Minutes.  Very disappointing.



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