Who Is Alison Pill? From HBO's 'The Newsroom' and Why Is She Topless on My Twitter Page?

So this Alison Pill from HBO’s The Newsroom is trending pretty hot on Google Trends right about now.  Why?  I really don’t know who the hell Alison Pill is but everyone on Twitter surely has seen the topless photo that she accidentally Tweeted and it’s the buzz all over the Internet.


God bless Twitter!

“My tech issues have now reached new heights,” said Alison Pill on her accidental Tweet which seems to go along with that dopey look on her face from  some of her photos on her Facebook page.  She actually looks like she should be on an episode of the original Lost In Space as Alison Pill has added about 2,000 new Twitter followers to her page after the mishap.Now you know we don’t chat a lot about pay TV programs because they are pay TV programs which most of us cannot afford in the new economic world order.  But we had to write this Alison Pill mishap because, well anyone that accidentally Tweets a topless picture of herself should be trending hot on the Internet.

We love you Alison Pill!

Do we have the picture?  Hell no!  OK so we have the greeked out version.  But normally we don’t fall in to the low end Maury mentality unless we have an exclusive but this at least was a fun story to write.  And must say…fine little thing she is!



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