Who in Right Mind Would Try to Rip Off LL Cool J? 'NCIS: Los Angeles' for Real (Video)

So let me get this right…LL Cool J, the rapper turned TV actor on NCIS: Los Angeles, one of the hottest shows on television airing on CBS, is probably in the best physical condition imaginable.  Women love them some LL Cool J and one day, maybe one day, he will give me a call to be his wing man for just one night on the town in Hollywood.

Keep dreaming you’re saying and I’m saying the same.

LL Cool J in 'NCIS Los Angeles' on CBS

So LL Cool J, set to drop a new music CD, has this cool mansion in Studio City, California and must have forgotten to put his ADT Home Security System in the on position.  In comes Jonathan Kirby, a 56 year old loser transient with a significant criminal background, who chose to climb the fence at LL Cool J’s pad and enter the premises looking to increase his so called rap sheet by attempting to rip off the rapper.

Now that was creative writing, wasn’t it?

Kirby surely picked the wrong house.  LL Cool J went all NCIS: Los Angeles on him ending up in the hospital after a violent confrontation with the actor.  Kirby was hospitalized with a broken nose, a broken jaw amongst other injuries that he will have to live with in prison after obviously entering the wrong residence.

Mama said knock you out!  And he did.

With his daughter in the house, LL Cool J was having none of Jonathan Kirby.  Nada.  Kirby is facing 38 years in prison for the visit to LL Cool J’s house because this is his third strike as a perp.

Now that LL Cool J gets back his rapper image, he’s going back to his roots getting ready to release new music.  The CD has no release date as LL Cool J says he’s “working on it…and fixing it, but it’s a lot of fun” during an MTV interview.

Jonathan Kirby probably won’t be standing in line to pick up LL Cool J’s new CD.

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