What Was He Thinking? 'Frasier's Kelsey Divorce Payout to Camille Grammer

Ready for this one.  Kelsey Grammer is worth about $100,000,000 and TMZ.com is reporting that his divorce from Camille, star of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ on Bravo is set for a big payout from their pending divorce.

Yeah he might want to think about reconciliation because Camille is set to get half.  Yeah that’s what Eddie Murphy talked about in one of his stand-up routines.  Half.  Richard Pryor told a similar story that his ex was entitled to half of his fortune and she never told one joke.

Kelsey Grammer and Future ex Camille Donatacci

Kelsey Grammer and Future ex Camille Donatacci

Camille Grammer is about to get a whopping $50,000,000 from Kelsey because he had no pre-nuptial agreement.  Once again, what was he thinking?  In California, marriages that break up entitle the wife to half of everything that the man owns.  For Kelsey that’s everything he made from ‘Frasier’ and a ton of real estate investments.

Now that’s true love.

But don’t blame it all on Kelsey’s decision to not do a pre-nup.  Camille is not some stupid bimbo as she’s made some serious financial decisions for the couple especially when Kelsey was broke.  Apparently the real bucks come from ‘Frasier’ money that is still coming in the door while ‘Cheers’ is worth nothing to Kelsey.  Probably a good thing.

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