E!, Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest Now Together

Lady Gaga

Well you know Ryan Seacrest and E! have a lot of content going on together.  A few shows including the new Denise Richards reality thing ‘It’s Complicated’ and of course both of the Kardashian programs come from Ryan’ Seacrest Productions.

Now a Lady Gaga connect has a thing for E! and Ryan Seacrest.

Laurie Ann Gibson, who was the main choreographer for the world famous Lady Gaga, is developing E!’s first dance show for the network.  Gibson worked on routines for the FOX program ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and did the footwork on three of Lady Gaga’s including ‘Paparazzi,’Telephone,’ and ‘Love Game.’

Laurieann Gibson

The show is at pilot stage right now and still needs a green light for it to go but this seems to be a perfect fit for the network.

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