What!! CBS Cancels 'CSI: Miami' as Patrick Wilson Trashes Net for Dumping 'A Gifted Man'

OK so the acting was mediocre in the CBS cop drama CSI: Miami.  Alright the acting stunk.  It was really bad.  But isn’t that why you watched CSI: Miami?  And another reason.  Eye candy.  Let’s be real nobody on that show would win any awards for best acting in anything having to do with CSI: Miami.  You watched for guns, girls and guys.

No more.

David Caruso as 'Horatio' in 'CSI: Miami' on CBS

David Caruso as 'Horatio' in 'CSI: Miami' on CBS

The cop show that quite frankly ran out of a lot of story-lines that made sense is now being shelved by CBS.  No more Calliegh Duquesne (Emily Proctor) running around in a Marc Jacobs skirt catching criminals.  No more Natalia Boa Vista (Eva La Rue) chasing down criminals and catching them in a pair of Steve Madden pumps.   

Them days be over.

patrick wilson a gifted man

Patrick Wilson, 'Dr. Michael Holt' on 'A Gifted Man'

CBS takes the long running series off their Sunday schedule along with Unforgettable that showed a bit of promise.  Rob Schnieder’s stereotypical Rob also got canceled thank the Lord Jesus and Patrick Wilson’s A Gifted Man which was about the highest quality show on television and severely under-promoted also got the boot. 

Wilson was a little pissed that he did not get notification of the cancellation from CBS but found out via an e-mail.  ” I could be happier,” said Patrick Wilson in a Tweet.  “It was not what I signed on for,” he continued.

The network did annouce that it was keeping CSI: New York on their schedule.



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