What a Mess! 'America's Next Top Model' Jael Strauss's Meth Addiction Madness

This is one of those very nasty stories.  One that shows the reality of reality television.  You look at the before and after pictures of Jael Strauss, the former member of America’s Next Top Model who went from a contestant on The CW’s hottest TV show to a fucking meth mess. 

Jael Strauss from 'America's Top Model' Before & After Meth Addiction

Jael Strauss from 'America's Top Model' Before & After Meth Addiction

Yes that’s Jael Strauss.  A fucking, downright mess of a former really good looking female who is showing the end result of the nasty final look of a meth addict.  This meth mess is really the worst.  People smoke weed, OK some say.  People snort coke, some say OK.  But this Breaking Bad attraction to white crystal is killing Jael Strauss and she’s on a path that will only lead to the end of her life.

Step in Dr. Phil as in Dr. Phil McGraw.  His show this Thursday is all about Jael Strauss and her decline in what was a great life if that’s what you want to call it as a member of America’s Next Top Model.  It got so bad on the show that Jael Strauss literally ran off stage at the Dr. Phil show and ended up doing an interview with the talk show host in the parking lot of Paramount Studios. 

What a fucking mess!

Jael Strauss from 'America's Top Model'

Jael Strauss from 'America's Top Model'

There’s always some bullshit excuse for heading toward addiction.  And you kinda get sick and tired of hearing the whining about issues that happen in people’s personal lives that lead them to a meth line.   But that’s her story.  Jael Strauss had a friend who died of an overdose and she credits that incident as the reason for her issues with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s drug of choice on Breaking Bad.

Jael Strauss is only 28 years of age and a meth of a mess.  Tune in to Dr. Phil‘s show on Thursday.  You will see the reality of reality television.  And it won’t be pretty seeing Jael Strauss in her  current condition. 

There but for the grace of God. 





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