West Hollywood Safe, Amanda Bynes Told to Get a Designated Driver

I don’t spend as much time in the West Hollywood or Hollywood areas as I used to and to be quite blunt any night is a night where you put your life in jeopardy driving in that area.  But now let’s hope that neighborhood is a lot safer when the partying starts with the loss of Amanda Bynes behind the wheel of a car.

Amanda Bynes is simply is a hot mess.

Amanda Bynes and Britney Snow

Amanda Bynes and Britney Snow...

And an LA Superior Court Judge saw the same thing that her career is seeing…destruction is on hand.  Yes a hot mess.  The judge slapped Amanda Bynes with a no driving ruling on Wednesday of this week yet Amanda Bynes saw fit to go out and party Thursday night, getting behind the wheel of a car and bumping another car in the process.

So much for those no driving privileges for Amanda Bynes.

Amanda Bynes had her license revoked after being charged with driving under the influence and a couple of counts of hit and runs which or course is pretty common for most people in the entertainment world here in Hollywood.  But now she could be in true trouble if she gets pulled over without a valid license, have her car impounded and get cuffed which of course will prevent most from doing any kind of driving.

Her attorney Bob Wilson pretty much told the judge something that she probably did not want to hear.  He said Amanda Bynes was waiting for a hearing on the suspension of her drivers license but the DA informed him that it probably would have been smart for Mr. Wilson to check with the Department of Motor Vehicles as that group says it had been suspended.

TMZ reports that Amanda Bynes was seen driving for hours after the judge’s ruling and smoking something out of a pipe which can only lead to the ticking clock on Amanda Bynes next run in with the law.

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