Watching ABC's Robin Roberts Personal Saga, Now She Finds a Donor

ABC’s Good Morning America is making some serious strides in the morning news/entertainment fight against NBC’s Today Show but that battle is nothing compared to the personal drama in the life of Robin Roberts.  The host who many of us watched make her bones on ESPN as a sports anchor is in another battle after her recent fight with the diagnosis of breast cancer.  Now the fight, more than likely caused by the breast cancer treatment, is with a malady called  myelodysplastic syndrome where Robin Roberts will have to undergo a bone marrow treatment for the disease she admits she’s never heard of.

Neither have most of us.

"Good Morning America" - 'Nicki Minaj in Concert' - Robin Roberts and Nicki Minaj

Robin Roberts and Nicki Minaj - "Good Morning America"

What’s good for Robin Roberts today is that she’s found a blood marrow  donor.  Most people don’t get that lucky.  Now she has another lead on life.  Which is good for Robin Roberts and good for ABC.  And good for Good Morning America.

Sounds pretty lame doesn’t it?

Yes it does but guess what?  With Good Morning America trailing NBC’s Today Show by a very slim margin and Robin Roberts a big reason for that challenge, there’s a new energy over at ABC for the morning ratings battle.  And as we all wish Robin Roberts good future tidings, this is a battle those of us in the entertainment business truly want to see.

Sounds cold?

As a cancer survivor those of us want everyone around us to let us get on with our lives.  And that means Robin Roberts wants to get past her next treatment for a disease I don’t even want to try to spell again and move on to continuing the effort to unseat the Today Show from their morning program perch.,

Good luck Robin Roberts on your treatment and the future of Good Morning America.

Rick Thomas

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