Watch The NBA on TNT as LeBron James Stares Down, Chats Up Beyonce and Jay Z (YouTube Video)

Gotta love this post season in the NBA.  Despite the mess LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has created these are some of the best playoff games the NBA has ever seen.  And fans agree!

And LeBron James is being LeBron.  He had 25 points at halftime and a short chat with Brooklyn Nets minority owner Jay Z and his wife Beyonce.

Now Jay Z did the right thing.  Especially since TMZ released that video of Beyonce’s ghetto rat sister Solange going off on Jay Z in an elevator somewhere.  Gotta give the brotha Jay Z some credit because he could have gone all NFL on Solange but played it cool.


But look at Jay Z’s face when he started chatting up Beyonce and what I can say is the current King of Rap had one hell of a look at his face.  This is priceless.

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