Watch Montel Williams Simply Destroy FOX News Chatter Bill O'Reilly in 2 Minutes (YouTube Video)


Man this was the nastiest ever for Montel Williams.  Clearly he had a few drinks in him when he posted a total take-down that was personal and quite frankly never before seen Montel Williams.  Bill O’Reilly booked Montel Williams as a guest on his show on FOX News and Montel Williams agreed to discuss his LGBT event in Cleveland and LGBT rights in America.  And when he got to FOX News for the chatter Montel Williams was informed that Bill O’Reilly wanted talk about something totally different but in line with the mentality of FOX News.

What was that?

A new poll that most Americans think President Barack Obama is a racist…now that’s a FOX News topic.  Not some LGBT crap and Caitlyn Jenner joking that it was tougher to come out as a Republican that as a transgender.  Now who the hell would want to talk about LGBT rights after a day like today when the National Basketball Association pulled its All Star game out of Charlotte today because of the discriminatory laws against the LGBT community.

Montel Williams wanted to talk about something relevant.   Fake News, I mean FOX News host Bill O’Reilly wanted to call the President, once again as many over at FOX News believe, that President Obama is a racist.

Which way do you think Montel Williams wanted to go with this interview?

He gave Bill O’Reilly the middle finger and like Elvis left the building.  But before that he tore in to Bill O’Reilly like no one has ever done and made it really personal.

Good for you Montel Williams, good for you.