USA Network...What the Hell Were You Thinking? Simply "Irritating" in The Form of 'Political Animals'

Simply awesome.  That being Sigourney Weaver who without question is an incredible performer no matter what she appears in, TV or film.  Sigourney Weaver can play Aunt Jemima and I will still enjoy her on the big screen and even on USA Network which premiered P0litical Animals last night on the cable channel.

But could this have been any more of a disappointment. 

Political Animals - Season 1

Sigourney Weaver in USA Network's 'Political Animals'

No.  It was simply awful.  Really bad.  A project that could have left a better taste in the viewer’s persona just creatively failed from beginning to end.  Oh yeah , that’s right I never got to the end of this over-acted, amazingly boring effort to re-create whatever they tried to re-create but I’ve watched The West Wing and P0litical Animals surely is no The West Wing.

Aaron Sorkin can rest easy.  The cable network all of us know as USA Network dropped a turd last night and I suspect it will not get any better.  It was the worst hour and a half of political television I have ever watched.

What was the point?  What was the foundation for releasing this crap to a green-light?  P0litical Animals is in the front of the line for the cancellaton bin and it could not get there any faster.

USA Network must be kissing somebody’s tail with the premier of P0litical Animals.  From really bad acting to really bad story-lines to really bad everything this is without question so predictable and so amateur that you gotta figure how USA Network could be supportive of such a weak effort.

This is all of the writing this mess deserves.  38 minutes in and I’m gone.  What a waste.  Would rather watch an episode of Dallas and that show stinks. 

USA Network, what the hell were you thinking?



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