Un Oh, Catfight!! Elton John's Husband Trashes Madonna's Win at the Golden Globes

Madonna at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Madonna at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Everyone knew Elton John was turning in to a crabby old man.  Every time the media gets involved with the superstar singer there seems to be this chip on his shoulder that makes you just want to say, “wow, Elton John, you really are turning in to a crabby, old man.”

Now his husband David Furnish is whining about his partner Elton John and his loss to the diva of all divas Madonna after she grabbed the winning spot for Best Original Song for her movie W.E. last night at the Golden Globe awards.

Let’s see, one of the biggest gay power couples in the world versus one of the biggest music star divas in the history of music…West Hollywood is in a tizzy about who to support on this battle.

David Furnish, Sam Taylor-Wood and Sir Elton John

David Furnish, Sam Taylor-Wood and Sir Elton John

Madonna co-wrote the Golden Globe winning song and was pitted up against Elton John’s Hello, Hello from Gnome and Juliet and Mary J. Bilge’s Living Proof from The Help.  And once Madge got the award, let the cat-fight begin as David Furnish called her win a feat that has “nothing to do with merit” and her speech on stage “embarrassing in its narcissism.”


The Facebook mention trashing Madonna was removed from public view but Towleroad got their hands on a screenshot of David’s rant and you can read his full comments on the photo attached to this story.

No comment yet from Madonna and don’t expect her to get in to a flap with Furnish except to maybe say “see you at halftime of this year’s Superbowl.”

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