'Two and a Half Men's Ashton Kutcher Ticks Off the Masses Again with Racist Content

Leave it up to Ashton Kutcher.  He seems to always creep to the line and then cross it which does nothing more than give him more exposure for Two and a Half Men and his other ventures.

Which means what?

It means that Ashton Kutcher is relatively brilliant.  He always does or says something that will never get him fired from the CBS show Two and a Half Men nor get him in hot water with his fans who tend to keep on keeping on with Ashton Kutcher.

This time it’s all about this video.  It was for a brand of snacks called Popchips which quite frankly sounds like something that should be title Popshits.


That’s kinda what most feel about any ad that gets media juice with a racist twist as the ad, now pulled by Popshits, is still aring all over the web.

I say welcome to the party pal.  Back in the day African Americans, Asians and Latinos were the target of such racist advertising content.  And the continuing lack of minorites in the advertising business lead to brands like Popchips or Popshits to creat such marketing strategies.

Sad thing is I’ve never heard of Popchips.  Never.  Now that I’m on a non-crap eating diet maybe I don’t look for the product on the shelve at Ralph’s or Vons.  But to be honest I never at any time in my life heard of or know of a fucking brand with a dumb ass name as Popchips.

I’m just sayin’.

Rick Thomas



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