The New 'Two and a Half Men' So Bad But Draws 28 Million Viewers

My God am I really going to say this.  Do I really miss Charlie Harper?  Or Charlie Sheen?  Or whomever is responsible for whatever Two and a Half Men tried to sell us last night?  Or is it a bit too early to tell if Ashton Kutcher can pull it off.  But if last night’s episode of the remake of the show is any indication, and I really hate to say this, Two and a Half Men is simply dead on its new arrival.

Still the show drew in a voyeuristic 28 million viewers to the premiere episode featuring Ashton Kutcher.  Will that audience holdover?  More than likely not but although the show wasn’t really that funny there was enough to get me to at least go a second round next Monday night.

Jon C?ryer and Ashton Kutcher in 'Two and a Half Men'

Not funny.  Let me say this again, not funny at all.  In fact pretty terrible.  Two and a Half Men already was in part on the decline as the writing and comedic efforts even with Charlie Sheen seemed pretty forced.  But the premiere episode titled Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt, missed the mark from Ashton Kutcher’s insertion in to the show.

The opening of the show was done extremely well as was the ending.  Everything in between was pretty awful.  So the ratings will be fantastic but can Ashton Kutcher carry the day to week number two?

Wow, this was truly disappointing to watch, almost like taking your nails and scratching them on a chalkboard.

Not done very well and scary.  Do we want Charlie Sheen back?  Oh man, say it’s not so.  Can this show survive?  Only time will tell but John Stamos, who had a quick hit in this episode, is probably thinking “thanks but no thanks” for not being named Sheen’s replacement.

This could be a real mess for CBS.  This has got to get better.  Quickly.  I mean real quickly.  Charlie Sheen, all clean and sober on his roast on Comedy Central, is about to settle his case with Warner Bros. for a boatload of money.

And he won’t be the first jerk not to play well with the other kids on the block as in what happened with CBS personality Julie Chen and The Talk, the daytime gabfest for everyone without a penis.  She apparently didn’t play nice with the other girls on the set, got a couple fired but is waking up next to CBS big boss Leslie Moonves.  He may have to re-think his move to work with Warner and drop Charlie Sheen.

Oh I just can’t believe I’m saying this.  Did I miss Charlie Sheen, the drunk, womanizing typical Hollywood a-hole on Two and a Half Men?

Yes.  I did.

Rick Thomas

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