'Two and a Half Men' Ready to Crash and Burn, Tanks to Lowest Ratings Ever

Well this is not a surprise.  Crashing and burning is what television shows do.  But not what we expect from the former CBS hit drama  Two and a Half Men which has consistently been a ratings juggernaut for the network.

Let’s be real.  The Olympics are airing on NBC which will kick the ass of every major network or cable network.  But for Two and a Half Men this is a major surprise.

'Two and a Half Men' on CBS

'Two and a Half Men' on CBS

The show has dropped to its lowest level since the Charlie Sheen days.  Literally at the bottom of the audience watching charts for this past Thursday.

And why is anyone surprise?  Well the show actually has gotten a whole hell of a lot better since the beginning of the Ashton Kutcher era but there’s no doubt about the fact that Two and a Half Men will never be what it has been in the past with the irrascabile Charlie Sheen.

Too bad.  But totally expected.

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