'Two and a Half Men' Premiere, Charlie Sheen Docked Again

Can’t wait till Charlie Sheen gets his new show if he gets a new show, can’t wait for Charlie Sheen to get a couple of new goddesses as he is currently without company now and can’t wait for the newly revised Two and a Half Men to return to CBS with an all new lead this fall.

Plus Sheen needs the money.  As he has lost a few more bucks and it’s coming out of his wages he still is earning from the CBS sitcom.  Let’s start backward and work toward the front.

Sheen is having $55,000 a month garnished from his paycheck to cover his child support payment to his two kids and ex-wife.  Brooke Mueller went to court to force the judgment against Charlie Sheen and the judge overseeing the case approved the garnishment.  The divorce became final on May 2nd, a couple of months after Sheen got bounced from the CBS sitcom.

During that time there went one goddess.

Now that Sheen is gone from Two and a Half Men, the network announced the date of the return of the show with new lead Ashton Kutcher.  It will air its premiere episode on September 19th at 9PM.  As we reported earlier, expect Charlie Harper to be killed off in a car accident as his Mercedes flips off a cliff with him at the driver’s wheel.  Kutcher’s character then purchases Harper’s home on the beach at Malibu and keeps everything in place with Allen and Jake as his new tenants.

During that time went the other goddess.

Now that Charlie Sheen is losing cash from his ex-wife, no gig at Two and a Half Men, he’s rumored to be negotiating a new comedy show with TBS.  The cable network denies any conversation but we all know what that means.  Stay tuned.

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