TV's Best Game Show Host...Steve Harvey on 'Family Feud'

So I got a chance to watch the new ‘Family Feud’ this week for the first time.  This was the start of the new season on Monday and while on business back east I had a chance to watch the show with my 87 year old father and my 75 year old mother.

Tribune Entertainment might not like the demographics, meaning age group for the show in my parent’s household, but it gave me a chance to see the new host of ‘Family Feud’ comedian Steve Harvey in the hosting role.

If you want to laugh, you gotta watch this show.

Steve Harvey, the ABC TV, Dr. Phil contributor and morning radio show personality, has found a great niche.  And the name is ‘Family Feud’ as he is the funniest host of this show in a long while.  And probably of any current game show.

Steve Harvey, New Host of 'Family Feud'

Steve Harvey, New Host of 'Family Feud'

He made me laugh.  Just the expressions on his face were so engaging.  It was almost like watching his stand-up.   So ongoing with his humor that several times he had to be brought back to flow of the show which is too bad because he and the contestants, the audience in the studio and the viewers just become so enthralled in his handling of the duties of a game show host.

I think they should make this show an hour and let Steve do his thing.  It was absolutely great to see him comfortable in this new position.  I liked him better here than the week he did ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ when he was clearly out of place.  He couldn’t be Steve Harvey.  ‘Family Feud’ made a great move because he is definitely in the right role.

Check out the show.  Perfect for the upcoming holidays when you don’t want to have conversations with people in your family.  And even perfect now.  If you’ve had a bad day, just watched the local and national news or found out your kids cracked up your car and are headed for an episode of Judge Mathis, find the station carrying ‘Family Feud’ and have a good laugh with Steve Harvey.

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