TV/Radio Talker Glenn Beck Whines as He, Family Roughed Up in New York's Bryant Park (Video)

“Welcome to the party pal,” says Bruce Willis to Reginald VelJohnson in the movie ‘Die Hard’ when the bad guy’s dead body drops in on the latter’s police car.

Now you’re in the mix Glenn Beck.  Now you know what it’s like to incite people to do really stupid things.  You now are a victim of your hateful words.

Glenn Beck, his wife and daughter went to see a movie in Bryant Park last night and met up with a bunch of thugs who recognized him, yelled at the trio, took pictures of them and spilled a cup of wine on Beck’s wife.

And he’s upset about this?  This is hateful to him?  Glenn Beck  you’ve truly lost it, truly.

This is the guy who called the President of the United States a racist, calls himself an entertainer and not a political antagonist talk host from the antagonist television network FOX News channel.  And he expects to have a nice night out in Democratic fan based New York city.

Glenn Beck you’ve truly lost it.

I’m not condoning any violent crowd’s actions. What happened to Glenn Beck and his family is simply awful.  I’m just surprised that Glenn Beck still believes his vitriolic words used over the time he spent at FOX News channel should go unnoticed by anyone.

There is a segment of the population in this country that are uneducated and plain damn stupid.  Beck’s gotta know this.  Sure he does.  And that segment is growing.  Quickly.  Real fast.  Back in the day people had better judgment, we had more leaders than followers, we had people who could distinguish right from wrong, a society that just gave more meaning to discussion and the ability to discern more of what you hear from people like Beck, rather than fully taking the word of one madman.

Glenn Beck has proven he’s a madman.  On his own.  Just by his words.   His words that serve to incite not only his viewers but those on the other side as well.  What he doesn’t realize is how he must fully understand that his rants put him on the other end of some in this country.  And some of them are just as uneducated and stupid as the ones that back Glenn Beck and his rants.

He met a few of them in Bryant Park last night.

In other words Glenn, you can’t say stupid things using media of any form and not expect a backlash from those that dislike you.  You got back what you put out there.  Stop acting like a crybaby and explain that to your wife and daughter.  What you say does not come without responsibility and for you to whine about it is an embarrassment to your brand.

Glenn Beck has to be careful.  Just like every madman that spews the type of content that comes from him.  This does not disappear once you enter society as in going to see a movie with your family.  Madmen just can’t walk around Bryant Park and automatically assume that everyone is going to be OK with his presence after you called the President of the United States a racist.

Glenn Beck got his comeuppance last night.  Well deserved.  Too bad his wife and daughter had to be part of what Glenn Beck created through his comments.  That happens to those in connection with a madman.  But back to Die Hard as in “welcome to the party, pal.”

You can read the whole story at MediaIte.com along with his comments after the incident.

Rick Thomas

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