'Toure' Blasts ESPN on 'What if Michael Vick were white' Article

Oh my this is turning in to a real mess.  For ESPN that is and the hit the network is about to continue to take over an article that will appear in the September 5th issue of ESPN the Magazine.

Take a look at the picture with the white guy.  Yes take a long look at that picture with the white guy and then take a look at the picture of the black dude.  Well the guy and the dude are the same person.  Or the exact same person as some would error grammatically.

Michael Vick as a white guy


The real Michael Vick

Yes ESPN the Magazine. had one of their artists re-do the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback in white-face for an article written by TV talking head and cultural guy Toure.  The article titled What if Michael Vice were white detailed how the dog-fighting convicted leader of the Eagles was treated back in the days when he led a very troubled lifestyle.

Toure says he did not want ESPN to give his article that title but in his position as writer he has no control over the headline.  The web-site originally had the first picture uploaded with the story and then went back and changed it to Michael Vick the black guy after all you know what broke loose.  Then ESPN, figuring they had a big story, decided to put the white-faced Vick back on their site.

'Toure' is the guy on the left

So instead of me just going over the whole story because I get a bit crazy when stories about racism in sports are written I have provided a few links to what Toure’s story is about and his reaction to his article.  I guess more, the picture.

For Toure’s part, he’s not really happy about the bait and switch white guy/black dude thing.  Read on.

Rick Thomas

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