Too Much Dolph Ziggler 'SmackDown' Sex for Comedy Central's 'Last Comic Standing's Amy Schumer

How much sex it too much sex?  And what is athletic sex?  Really, somebody tell me because I must be missing out on something cause I’ve never heard the phrase “athletic sex” in my entire sexually active life.

I gotta get a life.

Seems WWE SmackDown wrestler Dolph Ziggler’s sexual prowess in the form of combining that with Comedy Central’s Last Comic Standing act Amy Schumer is a bit too, too much for her.

Never heard that from a woman before.  “Honey you’re doing me too long, too many times, it’s just too much!”

Well apparently Amy Schumer has had her fill  of ex-mate Dolph Ziggler in the form him being “too athletic” and she went on the Howard Stern radio program to do what is called a tell all.

And it seems she told all.

Amy Schumer 'Mostly Sex Stuff' on Comedy Centra

Amy Schumer 'Mostly Sex Stuff' on Comedy Centra

“The sex was too athletic,” Amy Schumer told Howard Stern.


How often was the athleticism?  “Always,” she continues.

But wait.  There’s more to this story as it gets even better for Amy Schumer.

And she was OK with the so called athleticism of Dolph Ziggler but it seems the steroids took hold because according to Amy Schumer “he was spinning me like a Globetrotter.”

Amy Schumer 'Mostly Sex Stuff' on Comedy Central

Amy Schumer 'Mostly Sex Stuff' on Comedy Central

Amy Schumer was OK with the wild and crazy sex at the beginning but it became a bit too much for her so the couple became an ex-couple.

Now her previous boyfriend seem to have a different problem.  He was one of those dudes that did not give Amy Schumer the attention she wanted and most men know that if you don’t give women attention you can bet they will find attention somewhere else.

Believe me that’s true.

So one guy gives her too much attention and sex.  Amy Schumer tosses him to the curb.  The next boyfriend gives her no attention, he gets tossed.

Women.  Can live with them…period.

Rick Thomas



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