Too Bad! 'The Michael J. Fox' Show Clearly Misses the Mark (YouTube Video)

I tried…I really tried.  To give NBC’s new The Michael J. Fox Show a real chance.

Not funny.

Not funny at all.

Michael J. Fox on NBC's'The Michael J. Fox Show '

Michael J. Fox on NBC's'The Michael J. Fox Show '

There’s a thing about new TV shows.  They have to hit you immediately.  Right out of the box.  The Michael J. Fox Show hits a speed bump with flat tires.  Runs over spike strips like an episode of COPS of FOX.

Too bad.

I like Michael J. Fox.  I really do.  But this new show is not going to grab me after watching the first two episodes that I really expected to be better.  The acting stinks.  There are no characters to hold on to and the only bright spot I wanted to hold on to was Betsy Brandt who is now finishing up a great arc on AMC’s Breaking Bad.


Not even Betsy can help this show get past the fact that The Michael J. Fox Show is over-acted, predictable from a comedic standpoint and since Michael J. Fox is on this program it will head for the canceled bin after a full season.  No reason The Michael J. Fox Show to be renewed.

Too bad.

Betsy Brandt on NBC's 'The Michael J. Fox Show'

Betsy Brandt on NBC's 'The Michael J. Fox Show'

I like Michael J. Fox.  But his return to television will be one that he will wish he stayed away from as this show misses the mark.  Badly.

Rick Thomas

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