'To Catch a Predator's Chris Hansen Arrest Totally False

What a crappy rumor.  There’s nothing worse than this.  This is why good journalists, who most times do not exist in the internet world, are considered good journalists.

to_catch_a_predatorJust for the record this story is completely false.  Let me repeat again this story is completely not with any foundation.

Period.  And Chris might want to look back at all of the pedophiles he busted when he hosted ‘To Catch a Predator’ when it ran on NBC.  Might be a bit of payback Chris.

They are saying this is a Google bomb which we looked up on Google so let us explain and this is according to About.com which gives a very simple explanation which we won’t go in to because it’s kinda deep.   Bottom line is this practice can be “politically motivated, while others are done as pranks.”

NUP_138531_0028Apparently some pervert named James Williams Hansen was arrested in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for inappropriate sexual contact with minors and then all hell broke loose.

I’m not going to mention the two loser sites that ran this story because they are not worth my fingers touching the keys on my computer.  Bottom line web journalists need to do the right thing and get the story right before getting it first.

That’s what we all learned in school but I have to remind myself that the internet does not have the same level of quality of journalistic elements as other brands of old school media.

Rick Thomas


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