Though Spelling Wrong, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and 'Seinfeld' creator Larry David...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and 'Seinfeld' creator Larry David...

There’s a Governor in Arizona that would ask for her papers.  Hey Julia Luis Dreyfus?  No it’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus moron.  


From ‘Saturday Night Live’ to ‘Seinfeld’ and now on ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’ right now on CBS and maybe headed to ABC, you would think someone would know how to spell her name, right? 

After making her way over to Hollywood Boulevard’s world famous ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ Julia Louis-Dreyfus got her star and there’s someone at the HOF office that might be headed back to school to take more spelling courses.

They spelled her name wrong on the star.

There’s an ‘o’ in Louis.  It’s not spelled Luis.  We just changed her nationality in one missed letter.  Julia joked about it saying “Right when you think you’ve made it, you get knocked down.”



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