This Won't Be The Warm, Fuzzy Presidential Race, Watch Obama, Clinton Take on Mitt Romney

Nobody said this was gonna be easy.  Or cordial.  Heck the Republicans are finishing up their primary effort with a lot of bruised egos, a lot of families in ruin and the type of chatter from all of the candidates that have temporarily destroyed the image of the GOP.


Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Well the real campaign is about to begin.  It looks like all Mitt Romney all of the time now as he is the presumptive nominee of the GOP to take on Barack Obama.  And the televisions in each of our homes will be inundated with political advertising non-stop and each side will pull out all stops to win the White House.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

This commercial from the Obama Campaign is just the beginning.  Just the start.  And this is calm compared at what many expect will be the nastiest run for the White House ever.

Yeah we say that every four years but this is for real.




The amazing element you’re left with is the calmness of this commercial.  And shows that each campaign is ready to yell and scream but also relax us during this intense political season.

One thing we can all say…this is going to be fun.



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