This is Why Brothas Don't Go to the Rodeo, May Watch on TV, Never Go (Video)


OK so the rodeo is in town.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the rodeo.  I actually love seeing people get thrown off the back of a bull or a wild horse.   It’s always a blast.

But only on TV.

Yes going to the rodeo is one of those things black people just won’t do.  I’m really thinking of starting a second website.  What do you think about this…



I kind of like that.  Bungy jumping, being cast on some reality show where you have to tie a rope around your neck, whatever.  I’m sorry,I’m a brotha and there are just some things white folks will do that I won’t do.


We don’t go to rodeos.  Watch this video and you will see why we prefer begin on the beaches in Atlantic City or the Bahamas and don’t see rodeos as a Sunday afternoon sport.  We’ll walk on Rodeo Drive and that’s the Rodeo Drive running through Inglewood, California.  Even the one in Beverly Hills which is pronounced ‘RO-DAY-OH’ in that neighborhood.

Hell no, we won’t go, to the rodeo.  Nice rhyme, eh?

Just a thought from one brotha.  Others may see it different but when you see this bull jump on top of some unsuspecting people you will see my point.

Rick Thomas

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