This Don Lemon, CNN YouTube Video on Ben Carson's HUD Nomination, Kayleigh Mcenany's Face is Classic

They all were laughing…simply laughing.  At least for liberals the only solace most will have is watching Donald Trump surrogates defend and try to support their own President and the silly things he does.  And how panelists like the ones in this video simply tear down Donald Trump surrogates line by every line.


Poor Kayleigh Mcenany.  She tries she really tries.  But she comes off so lost in space and so deer in the headlights that the full panel and even Don Lemon can’t hold back cracking up when Marc Lamont Hill goes all Chris Rock and puts those in the segment almost in tears.

Yeah the next four years?  Donald Trump is either going to get us all killed or will make us laugh like the panelists here with Don Lemon on CNN.   This is very funny.