There is a God, Namely TNT as 'Franklin & Bash' Begins, 'Men of a Certain Age' Return (Video)

Yaaaaaaay!!!  So really there’s not a dang thing on network TV worth watching unless you want to see some woman get her parrot to name an animal voice on America’s Got Talent.  What else is there but a bunch of repeats and some victim movies from the 90’s on LifeTime.   Yeah there’s always a woman, picking the wrong man, being stalked for about 52 minutes of the movie, he corners her in her home, shoots him dead and goes on trial for murder.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer in TNT's 'Franklin & Bash"

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer in TNT's 'Franklin & Bash"

Welcome to summer TV.  At least for a minute.  Right between May sweeps and right around now there’s this lull.  Nothing new.  The Miami Heat are making fools out of all of us watching the NBA Finals so that’s even more depressing.  The next time someone, like me, calls LeBron James a punk for leaving Cleveland, well just watch game one of the Finals on NBA-TV.

Tonight TNT is God-like with the premiere of Franklin & Bash and the return of Men of a Certain Age.  Since I have not watched Franklin and Bash yet it will definitely get some props at launch.  But since I am a man of a certain age, Men of a Certain Age certainly is so about guys who are in and out of mid-life crisis, have screwed up relationships with wives and girlfriends, have messed up children, can’t get along with their parents who they work with, have serious career issues and on and on.

So my favorite show which is a lot about guys in their 40’s and 50’s is back.

Franklin & Bash premieres at 9PM and Men of a Certain Age hits at 10PM.

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