'The Walking Dead' & 'The Walking Dead' & 'The Walking Dead" is Back!' 'The Walking Dead' Rules' (Videos)

It used to be the Greatful Dead rules!  Have you ever been to a Grateful Dead concert back in the day?  Well now the Grateful Dead has a ton of competition as it’s now all about The Walking Dead rules.!


Some parts of last night’s premiere episode for the new season slowed up a bit.  Loving the horror genre as I do I really am a big fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  But The Walking Dead fan club is not just me alone.  The Walking Dead simply blew up last night on cable TV.  And even regular television would like to do what The Walking Deaddid last night.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead


The ratings were simply amazing.  So was the show.

Three airings of The Walking Dead drew in over 15 million viewers last night.  Wow!  When you take out sports broadcasts the AMC’s The Walking Dead tops all cable and network ratings in overall audience delivery.

That’s huge.  And it will only get better for The Walking Dead on AMC as this show is simply fantastic.  Steven Yeun chats with the LA Times Patrick Day on the show and why The Walking Dead is TV’s hottest program and will no doubt spurn a ton of new shows targeted toward the lovers horror content.


You gott lve this this show.  Watch the videos.  The Walking Dead hits the mark even if I get sick of the singing and whining.  The Walking Dead is the best.  When you can’t wait for the next episode you really know you’ve got a great show.

More, more, more of The Walking Dead.

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