The Real World of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Courtesy YouTube (Video)

I have to say this upfront.  There’s no way I can support all of what the lesbian and gay community wants.  I’m a brotha from Philly so as much as I really don’t care who anyone else sleeps with I just want to ensure that I don’t want to wake up next to a penis.

So all lesbians and gays shoot me.  With a gun that is, nothing else.

But as much as I don’t support every facet of what this community wants, I have no issue with people who are part of that group, I’m not like that asshole bitch from Oklahoma who compared being lesbian or gay to terrorism.  No fucking way.  That’s bullshit.  Period.

I used to have four lesbian or gay people working for me at my former company I owned in Philadelphia.  Two were out.  One obviously.  The other came in my office to tell me she was a lesbian.  I really did care.  Just do your job.  And this is for real.  I asked her to get me some videos of her with her cute, younger girlfriend!

Yeah I was the boss.


She laughed.  And started crying.  What a relief I figured.  For her.  It was a moment.  I liked that moment.  To get that out for her was that gorilla off her shoulders.  For the other guy who was totally, obviously gay…well he could give a damn.  He was a white boy who liked Latino guys.  Used to show me pictures of the ones he was dating.  What’s that joke, he would tell me.  What does a gay guy bring on a second date?  A U-Haul.

Anyway that’s my story of lesbians and gays.  I really don’t give a fuck.

So when I watched this video it brought back memories of almost 10 years ago.  Living in Los Angeles makes you a different person, not like that asshole Congresswoman in Oklahoma.  That Okie from Muskogee.   Or from wherever.

This is so heartbreaking to watch because I was there with the lady who came in my office to tell her story.  But it’s worth time on this blog watching this military guy tell his Dad that he’s gay.  And more to hear Dad’s reaction.  As much as I don’t agree with everything  they want, this brought back some serious memories.  Ten plus years ago.

So here you go as you can watch and see what it’s like to experience that gorilla.  Now rolling down Main Street.  Off the back of this guy.  A gay guy doing something for me that brings me to the Chris Rock philosophy of “I’m not going to war unless the Russians are marching down Flatbush Avenue.”

Check it out.  And God bless this soldier and God bless America.

Rick Thomas

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