The Next Time a Deplorable Says Give Donald Trump a Break, Send Them This Video (Huffington Post)

You want to see nutty?? Watch this video from the Huffington Post. They say liberals should give Donald Trump a chance. After all of the lunacy that Donald Trump has created getting deplorables to vote him in to the White House Donald Trump deserves what he’s getting now prior to sitting in the Oval Office and deserves the crap he will suffer when he becomes the President of the United States.

The Huffington Post put this almost 7 minute video together of all of the sh+t President Obama took during his 8 years in office. Most of it comes from Fake News or Fox News which is not considered mainstream media at all. But the plethora of insults and ignorance is well beyond what any President should endure.

Yeah…no breaks Donald Trump or as we soon will say President Trump. You thought this was going to be easy?