The New Sherlock Holmes 'Elementary' My Dear Lucy Liu Makes the Grade on CBS (Video)

So it will probably be canceled.


Just kidding my dear friends.

Lucy Liu,  'Elementary' on CBS

Lucy Liu, ‘Elementary’ on CBS

Elementary, the new entry cop show on CBS was on my list of shows not to watch.  Just didn’t think it had legs from the promos running on the network highlight the show and I gotta tell you I was wrong.  Elementary surely makes the grade which is pleasantly surprising and hopefully Lucy Liu will be back with a hit show after a short arc on TNT’s Southland where she won a Critics Choice Award.

Jonny Lee Miller on the CBS Show 'Elementary'

Jonny Lee Miller on the CBS Show 'Elementary'

She may be in line for another award for her work in Elementary.  This really turned out to be a pretty cool, quirky show based on a modern day Sherlock Holmes as Lucy Liu’s Dr. Joan Watson and Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes.  Quirky surely is the best description for this show as the present day couple act as consultants to the NYPD on criminal cases.

Elementary is another show based around the unusual crime solving tactics of a pretty strange Sherlock Holmes helping out the always fantastic Aidan Quinn who seems to have the look and the style of a police captain as he finished last year’s Prime Suspect in a similar role.

Aidan Quinn and Jonny Lee Miller on the CBS Show 'Elementary'

Aidan Quinn and Jonny Lee Miller on the CBS Show 'Elementary'

Elementary is a typical cop solving the crime show but both starring characters have interesting backgrounds that add a bit of drama to the show.  Sherlock Holmes is a former addict just released or as the show states breaks out of re-hab on the day he was released and Watson is his shadow hired by his father to keep him away from the substances that put him away for the minimum 45 days.

Yes I know a few people that have been in re-hab.  I’m sure you readers do as well.

But the way Holmes goes about his business is a bit like the CBS show The Mentalist where the normal detective work that is regularly performed to solve crimes is secondary to what takes place on Elementary.

This show has promise.  But I felt the same about A Gifted Man as my Friday nights will never be the same since CBS canceled that show.  There’s great quality in the production of Elementary and this show is a winner.  Let’s hope viewers find Elementary because it’s worth an hour of TV time.

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