The New Nazi Party, America's Grand Old Party or Today's Republican Presidential Front Runners (YouTube Videos)

Yes you thought you heard it all.  Donald Trump’s rant against Mexicans calling them”rapists” and “murderers.”  Donald Trump saying that you can’t rape your wife.  Donald Trump saying just about anything, anything to rally Americans of lower education and basic rank and rot gut stupidity.  And now Donald Trump’s call to register all of those who are Muslims in America as a response to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

What a f#@$ing racist bigot.

I call Americans stupid. For many years I’ve called Americans stupid.  Yes, Americans are stupid and I do mean those that” follow the leader” when it comes to the continued support for Donald Trump and Ben Carson.  Americans who follow these two idiots and their racist and quite frankly vulgar comments are just plain stupid.

Ben Carson…well he wants “a database for everyone that comes in to this country” yet he is too stupid to realize that there are already a database for people who come into America.

Another f@#$king racist bigot.

Now both idiots are backing off their comments.  A bit too late.


M Dove Kent wrote an incredible piece in The Guardian titled “Donald Trump’s Bigotry Against Muslims Has Safety Implications We Can’t Ignore.”  It is a great read.  It talks about the bias against Syrian refugees that the new Nazi GOP has been waging on innocent men, women and children.  It details how the Germans treated those of Jewish descent and compares the new Nazi GOP to Hitler.

Donald Trump is America’s new Hitler.  He now has become the face of the Aryan Nation and the face of white supremacists in America.

Sad thing…M Dove Kent sees this strategy as a success.  A successful campaign designed by racists like Donald Trump, those of Latino descent in Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, then finally Dr. Ben Carson who I have already termed an African American man who thinks creating a rap commercial to reach out to minority voters is a great campaign strategy.

Ben Carson know nothing about black people.

M Dove Ken writes ” Republican candidate Donald Trump has made headlines in his fanning of fears, xenophobia, racism and religious bigotry against immigrants, people of color and Muslims.”


And he is so right.  Remember how Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo took to the airwaves to fan “fears, xenophobia, racism and bigotry” during the so called Ebola crisis?  They all screamed “close the borders” and President Obama’s hand was forced to hire  an “Ebola Czar” to manage the massive influx of Americans that would catch and die from Ebola?

Of course, as usual, nothing happened.  Americans were upset with how late the president waited to make that hire and he, the calm, cool and thoughtful thinker, bowed to the “fanning” of stupidity from people who were politicians and the populous who were stupid enough to follow their lead.

M Dove Kent lays it out.  We have a big problem once these idiots in the GOP especially Donald Trump fade in to the sewer and cesspool that is America today.  The sewer and cesspool of stupid, ignorant, uneducated people.  “Americans think that the tragedies of yesterday could never repeat themselves. But with each racist incitement, Trump is making the “unthinkable” more and more possible in our country,” he writes in his article.

Donald Trump is not alone.  He now has become the leader of the new Nazi Party, the new Republican party.  This effort, where we are today, started close to 8 years ago.  The day we as Americans elected the first black President of the United States.  This is not something that just happened after the Paris tragedy, this is the racist vomit that has grown to where we are today.

It’s a great read.  The link is below.

Rick Thomas/RealTVCritics.com

Click to Read M Dove Kent’s Article

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